Are you completely baked or high and don’t know what to do to pass the time or to make you feel even better? Well, here are the best games you can play that will definitely get your heart racing even faster and keep you well entertained.

Call Of Duty

 If you want a fast-paced, high-octane, and hardcore activity filled with action and gruesome violence, then join the military. But you’re too stoned to handle an actual gun so instead do the next best thing: play call of duty. Adapted from real-life military battles, the game is even more intense and enjoyable when you’re high as a kite. It is adrenaline pumping and perfect for when you’re feeling very competitive or just want to zone out and think about the eventual pointless nature of war.


 Playing Tekken normally is super exciting, with the high speed of fights, the amazing graphics, and the ability to wreak pure havoc. And there is a wide range of characters you can select. From Hwoarang and his famed flamingo stance to King, who is as scary and lethal as they come. Now, imagine all these but under the effect of your favourite magic mushrooms, edibles, microdoses, and teas from NUPEP SHROOMS, the best Canadian Shroom Online Dispensary. The awesomeness of the game is multiplied by a hundred.


In a world where you can do anything and everything, go wild! Because you’re tripping, you’re more likely to take the crazier and more adventurous options which will make your game even more interesting. You have a whole world to you where you can do whatever you want. That’s the dream and you’re living it. Plus there are so many versions of Sims so you always have something new and fun to play. Go ham! the only rule is to have fun.

Guitar Hero

On the lighter side of things, this is a game that will let you get lost in your fantasy; if your fantasy is to be a rockstar. It is extremely fun and very easy to play. The game is only limited to your creativity, and when you’re tripping that makes it even more fun. So grab your air guitar and shred it as hard as you can.


Possibly the most addictive game over the last 40+ years, Tetris is a game that has been keeping people playing for hours since the late 70s. Nothing is more satisfying than crushing four rows of blocks with a single tetromino(the official name of Tetris blocks). When you’re high, it just sends tingles down your spine. 

Space Invaders

This game shows there is beauty in simplicity. A game where all you need to do is to pan across the screen and shoot descending swarms of aliens, preventing them from reaching the bottom of the screen. With how simple the gameplay is, it would be very easy and still a quite challenging game for you if you’re tripping. 

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of the most popular racing games series and every version has been consistently mind-blowing and fun to play. With easy gameplay, 42 amazing characters, 48 energetic tracks, lots of weapons, and a very colorful interface, the latest in the series of Mario Kart games, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is an extremely addictive game that could lead to an endless number of hours entertaining stoners. The graphics are top-notch and they add a sense of feel to the game that stoners are sure to love. And although that is the latest in the series, any of the numerous versions would still bring much fun when played.

Super Mario Bros

Still talking about the infamous red-hat wearing Italian, in Super Mario Bros, you could play as Mario in the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom and jump on the local residents, eat mushrooms, ride a dinosaur, jump on the local residents and consistently leap to death. In terms of quality, the best choice will be between Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World but they’re all definitely classics.

Wii Sports

This is an extremely fun game to play with friends and its even better when you’re all medicated. The different sports in the game will test all your psycho-motor skills and it would definitely be fascinating watching your fellow stoners try to remain co-ordinated while playing. There’s sure to be tons of laughs and much fun to be had.


Grand Theft Auto

The wide range of possibilities that this game offers will give you a thrill that will definitely enhance your trips. Starting from the first Grand Theft Auto to vice city and now the amazing GTA V, you could complete a large variety of missions as well as enjoy vices you can’t totally enjoy in the real world. And let’s not start on GTA Online, where you could race around in a Dewbauchee Vagner, steal cars and shoot up cities or just walk up to people and punch them in the face. With how interactive and detailed the game is, your only limit is your imagination. 


And that’s it, the ten best games to play when you’re on cloud 9. Be sure to check out NUPEP SHROOMS for your edibles and magic mushrooms. Keep baking, play on, and have fun. Nupep Shrooms offers amazing 20 different mushroom strains and they are the number one mail order company in Canada. Currently they offer $10 off with promo code TRIP10.