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My first magic mushroom trip.

I had to do this. I mean, I had to even if it scares me. Walking down empty streets starting blankly at empty bars with their fading signs. It suddenly felt lonely when I gazed at my favorite coffee shop and it looked pretty apocalyptic in my eyes. I wouldn’t have dreamed of this happening […]

What Exactly are Cannabinoids?

What are Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are a diverse class of chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. These compounds have garnered significant attention due to their potential therapeutic effects, as well as their psychoactive properties. In this article, we explain what cannabinoids are, the different types of cannabinoids, the distinction between cannabinoids and CBD, and the effects of cannabinoids […]

Cannabis-Infused Drinks: Are They the Next Big Thing?

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

The cannabis industry is booming, with more and more states legalizing its recreational or medicinal use. As a result, entrepreneurs and companies are exploring innovative ways to incorporate cannabis into everyday products. One such product gaining traction is cannabis-infused drinks. Cannabis-infused drinks have the potential to shake up the beverage industry and become the next […]