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What is a Cannabis Sativa Strain?

Though it was first given a class by Carl Linnaeus in the 18th Century, Cannabis Sativa's role in the history of humanity had been for a longer period. Like its counterpart, the Cannabis Indica first originated in the Eastern part of Asia but rapidly spread across the globe through export. The first set of humans used the plant for different reasons and purposes ranging from food to fiber to even religious activities. In the end, all parts of the plant were harvested and used for different purposes. Every purpose was unique. Unlike its counterpart the Indica, its leaves are narrower and the plant, larger. It also is more light green than Indica. The flavor and aroma areearthier and musk. The plant also has more Cannabidiol (CBD) over Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while other strains like Indica and some Hybrid have more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the sole reason why it is used to relieve anxiety. In addition to the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that it has, Sativa has almost 500 other compounds and components. In today’s world, those who cultivate it classify it into three major groups. First is that it is classified as a plant that is grown to produce fiber. This is so because the plans have fewer branded and longer stems. The second class is for the production of seeds. The final class is on the production of hemp oil. This oil canid was then used to produce many other products, often in their hundreds. Finally, they are also grown for use in medicine and recreation and have psychoactive effects. The most popular forms of Sativa Strains are Durban Poison, Panama Red, and Acapulco Gold. Seeking how to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains online in Canada, seamlessly and without hassles? NupepShrooms is the best place to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains in Canada.

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Mimosa | Sativa


Positive Effects of Sativa Weed:

The Sativa strain of cannabis gives a stimulating and uplifting experience, which according to many has ultimately increased their happiness and lifted their moods. Some other types of this strain give an energizing, creative high, and focused feeling that you’d have throughout the entire day. Also, the Hybrid and Indica can give you an uplifting experience, Sativa is different because the experience it offers stays in your mind. Taking it would help you be more alert, aware, productive, and less anxious. It also would help you get to a place of comfort, when you’re anxious or if you’re socially awkward. You’d be able to communicate freely in public. Some others also calm that it helps to aid the benefits of physical actions and activities like Yoga. Some stronger strains of the same Sativa give a slight Hallucinogenic outcome. The life-giving and energetic effects of Sativa are why it is best to be used during the day as using it at night may give users insomnia. 

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Sativa Strain:

Whether Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, Cannabis as a plant has a wide range of important medical benefits. These benefits also help to treat psychological, psychiatric, and physical illnesses, anxiety, PTSD, depression, mild aches, and inflammation. They also help to solve focus and motivation problems with those who struggle with lack of it. Nausea and a loss of appetite are also symptoms marijuana can help.  The hybrids that are dominant in Sativa are a go-to choice for those who need their minds booster while getting the ‘highness’ that Indica offers 

Sativa Vs Indica:

The differences between both species are numerous in how it affects every individual. While the Sativa gives a highness that goes straight to the head, the Indica tends to give a more sedating feeling. Indica also grows shorter and bushier than Sativa. Sativa also takes a longer time to grow. This makes it grow better in warmer climates with an extended summer period. They also are different based on their effects on the brain. While Indica increases brain dopamine, Sativa increases your brain’s serotonin. For those who love Cannabis and take it, the choice of Sativa or Indica isn’t a straightforward one. Thankfully, there are hybrids of both strains. This hybrid is formed when both strains are crossed. So, the hybrid can either be dominant in Indica or Sativa, depending on the parent strain used. Sometimes, however, they achieve a perfect balance. Some users prefer the Hybrid dominant in Sativa over the pure Sativa strain because the strain gives them the effects of Sativa alongside Indica. It also helps to reduce the chance of them experiencing the negative outcomes that accompany the pure Sativa.

Seeking how to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains online in Canada, seamlessly and without hassles? NupepShrooms is the best place to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains in Canada

The easiest way to Grow Sativa Marijuana Plants?

As earlier stated, Sativa takes a longer time to develop flowers than the Indica. They also are more plant difficult to grow and it also applies to those dominant in Sativa. Thus, it is highly needed that proper studies and research are carried out before a Sativa strain is planted. This is done to ensure it can thrive in the environment it’s grown. They need to have enough light, space to grow, nutrients, and other tools needed. They are also highly reactive to nutrients and the temperature of the place they are grown, but if you put in the effort it is worth it in the end. Want to learn more? Click here!

How to take Sativa Weed

The most common mode of weed consumption is by smoking it although people use pipes, bongs, and vapes. Weed Concentrates and Edibles are also other means used, but they are best for those who are used to them. 

How to Store Sativa Weed?

The best way to store weed is by sealing it and keeping it in an airtightglass jar or bag. This has to be kept in a cool and dry place and out of children’s reach or those who might want to steal yours.

Sativa Cannabis Side Effects:

A Dry mouth and dry eyes are the main side effects. Sometimes, your eyes are red too but if you drink lots of liquid, you’d be fine. For first-time users, the best thing is to start in small bits because you might have rounds of paranoia, nausea, and dizzy spells. All you need to know is that the effects are short-term and are often so minor that you might not notice. It is also important to remember that long-term use of cannabis can leave you with some side effects in some situations. 

Seeking how to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains online in Canada, seamlessly and without hassles? NupepShrooms is the best place to buy Cannabis Sativa Strains in Canada


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