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Positive Effects of Shatter

Shatter is known to be a very potent product of cannabis. Although shatter is a concentrated form of buds, shatter can be four times more powerful than these buds. They are most loved by people who have a higher tolerance level for cannabis, generally. Also, when someone has more intense pain, they tend to opt for more potent cannabis products like shatter. However, this does not mean that every amount of intake would have such great effects. The size you take, to a large extent, determines how deep the effects you get are. But, on average, the effects of shatter are way deeper than that of many other cannabis products. There are two types of cannabis strains: Sativa and Indica. These are categorized based on the type of cannabis used. The two strains do not give the same 'high' feeling. While Indica strains tend to make you feel relaxed, Sativa strains will mostly make you feel motivated. In Canada, you can buy any strain of shatter online from Nupepshrooms. Generally, shatter brings about euphoria and a feeling of couchlock. It gives a heavy feeling of ecstasy and relaxation that you feel all over. To experience the ecstatic effects, contact NupepShrooms to buy shatter in Canada.

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Medical Effects of Shatter

The fact that shatter has a high THC content makes it very potent for relieving aches and pain. Apart from being a pain reliever, it is also anti-inflammatory. Many medical cannabis patients turn to shatter because of how effective it is in reducing stress. When you micro-dose shatter, you may experience a better mood, reduced tension, and food cravings.However, these effects differ from person to person. Lots of research are still being carried out as regards the particular effects of cannabis as a whole.

Shatter Vs. Cannabis Flowers

Although they are both from cannabis, cannabis flowers are far less potent than shatter. Cannabis flowers have THC levels ranging from 15% to 25%, although there are flowers that contain up to 30% THC, they are much harder to get. Shatter, on the other hand, can have THC levels as high as 90%. From their different THC levels, it is apparent that shatter and cannabis are not similar in terms of potency. So, if you are on the high side as regards cannabis tolerance level, you should go for shatter. Also, in terms of ruggedness, cannabis flowers are more rugged. Shatter is very fragile so it cannot be manipulated as much as flowers. The fact that shatter will break at the tiniest rough handling explains why it is quite difficult to smoke.

Shatter Vs. Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter is part of the wax group of concentrates. Shatter is more difficult to buy, compared to cannabis concentrates like budder. This is because the processes involved in purifying and extracting it are more stringent than other products. There are several places where it may be difficult to lay hands on shatter. However, with versatile companies like Mungus, this won’t be a problem. Compared to other concentrates like normal wax, shatter is not so easy to handle or manipulate. This is also another reason for its unavailability in many areas. The fragile nature of shatter doesn’t affect its potency. It is still on the high side in terms of potency, it is also unrefined. Shatter is not for a cannabis newbie as the effects will surely be overwhelming.

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Shatter Vs. Cannabis Edibles

Shatter tends to give more of a cerebral ‘high’ feeling while cannabis edibles give effects that are felt all over the body. Also, the fact that shatter is taken through inhalation makes it skip the whole liver metabolism process. Cannabis edibles, on the other hand, have to be ingested and taken through the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream. The methods of intake have a direct relationship with how quickly the effects are felt and how long they last. Shatter, which is inhaled gives a quicker high feeling. In the same vein, the effects wear out quicker. As for cannabis edibles which take longer to get to the bloodstream, the onset of effects is not so soon but the feeling doesn’t go away soon either.

However, there are some brands that offer a sort of combination of the high THC percentage of shatter and the lasting feeling of edibles. They make cannabis edibles with concentrates to give potent effects.

How To Make Shatter

It is worthy of note that shatter is not advised to be made at home. It requires an equipped laboratory with expensive machines and special chemicals, all of which are dangerous, to make shatter. Except for experts, an average person should not attempt making shatter alone.

Basically, most companies make use of CO2 or other solvents to destroy the plant matter and isolate the THC and cannabinoids. Then they thoroughly purify the extract, making it transparent. The clear appearance is obtained by leaving it untouched. It gives the molecules allowance to remain compact.

How To Take Shatter

  • Adding it to a joint

Many people, especially those that cannot handle the high THC level of shatter, add it to their joints. They mix it with their tobacco or marijuana. However, it has to be evenly distributed to go smoothly.

  • Vaping

The fact that shatter is fragile doesn’t imply that it is impossible to be heated. As long as you have a vape pen that can induce heat and a dry herb vaporizer, you’re good to go. You can also mix shatter with other concentrates and vape.

  • Smoking(with a pipe or bong)

It may be inconvenient to heat shatter up to the level of being added to the bong or pipe. If you can manage to get your way around it and eliminate the complications, you should go for it.

  • Dabbing

 This is the most preferred method of taking shatter. All you have to do is heat the shatter till it’s red hot with your torch(preferably a mini blow torch). 

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How Best To Store Shatter

It is most advisable to store shatter in a silicone container that is not transparent or translucent. This ensures that no air gets into it. Also, keeping it in an opaque container protects it from light. Light and air make the cannabinoids degrade quicker. Also, they can reduce the potency of your shatter, making the effects reduced. It is also important to label the container and keep it out of reach of children. The fact that cannabis has been legalized in Canada does not mean you’ll go scot-free if you’re not responsible in handling it. The high THC percentage makes it essential to keep it somewhere private so that nobody will use it by mistake.

Side Effects of Shatter

The possible effects of shatter are paranoia, anxiety, dry eyes, cottonmouth, dizziness, and nausea. There have also been reports of impairment. It is advised to carry out normal daily activities like eating, washing your hair, or taking a shower, to wear out the overwhelming effects. Shatter is a cannabis product that is not advisable for cannabis first-timers. Even if you have a high tolerance level for other cannabis concentrates, you should start small when taking shatter for the first time.

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