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The Ultimate Guide To Taking Shrooms Outdoors

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Shrooms Outdoors

If you’re curious about exploring the depths of your consciousness and connecting with nature on a profound level, then you might’ve considered taking shrooms outdoors. In this comprehensive guide, we explain everything you need to know about taking shrooms outdoors. From preparation and dosage recommendations to choosing the right location and understanding the potential risks […]

What Makes Magic Mushrooms ”Magic”?

What Makes Magic Mushrooms Magic

Have you ever wondered what makes magic mushrooms “magic”? This psychedelic drug has been used for centuries for its mind-altering effects. But what exactly is it about these mushrooms that gives them their mystical properties? To understand what makes magic mushrooms “magic,” we need to delve into the science behind their effects. By exploring the […]

How Long Do The Effects Of A Microdose Typically Last?

How Long Do The Effects Of A Microdose Typically Last

Microdosing is a popular practice among those seeking improved cognitive function, creativity, and general well-being. But with so many variables at play, it can be difficult to know how long these effects actually last. Microdosing involves taking tiny amounts of substances such as LSD or psilocybin that are believed to have positive effects on the […]

How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System?

How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System

Shrooms or magic mushrooms are often used recreationally for their psychoactive effects. But how long do shrooms stay in your system? It’s an important question to ask before taking shrooms since it can influence the experience and the safety of those who use them. In this article, we explore the factors that affect how long […]

Everything You Need To Know About Microdosing

Everything About Microdosing

Many people want to know what microdosing is, and many want to know its health benefits to mental health. Also, some often ask what the history and origin of microdosing mushrooms are. Don’t worry, Answers will be provided for every question boggling your mind about microdosing. A visualization of the Stoned Ape Theory Gathering the […]

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

Buy Shrooms In Canada

Buy Psychedelics Online Nupep Shrooms sell the best quality magic mushrooms online. We guarantee that our products allow all our customers to boost their mental performance, enhance their cognitive function, and broaden their minds, all while they grow more connected to the world around them. If you want A-grade therapeutic or recreational substances, then check […]

Magic Mushrooms and Their Use in Shamanism

Shamanism And Shrooms

Because of the renaissance of psychedelics in modern times, fungi and plant-based hallucinogens like magic mushrooms are not being seen differently. The stigma, prohibition, and fear that used to be attached to the drug are gradually fading away as the researchers work to build on previous studies.  As scientists explore how psilocybin could potentially be […]

Knowing more about the Golden Teacher Mushrooms

About Golden Teacher Mushrooms

There are numerous options to consider in choosing any strain of mushrooms. Your process of selection just got a lot easier. This article guides you in identifying one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms. If you are also looking to grow your batch of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, this is a delightsome read […]

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Make You Feel Good?

Shrooms Feel Good

Psilocybin Brings Positive Change There is now good evidence to show that magic mushrooms bring emotional relief. Researchers from the Psychiatric University Hospital in Zurich have ascertained that psilocin, which is produced through the metabolism of psilocybin in the digestive system, interacts with the brain’s amygdala. This amygdala is important for the emotional health and […]