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Positive Effects of Cannabis Concentrates.

Everyone that has taken cannabis concentrates can testify to their level of potency. They give a deeper ‘high' feeling because of the higher THC percentage they contain. While flower has THC content ranging from 15% to 25%, cannabis concentrates have a THC percentage of between 45% and 80%. Hence, there is no gainsaying that cannabis concentrates are super potent. It is most suitable for people who want something deeper and more potent. The effects of cannabis concentrates are euphoria and relaxation. Get your cannabis concentrates online in Canada from Nupepshrooms today!

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Medical Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates come in different forms and they all have medical effects. Generally, cannabis helps to soothe inflammation and reduce pain. Many people in Canada use cannabis for its therapeutic effects on the body. The cannabinoids in cannabis also make the drug effective in reducing anxiety. They also reduce stress by adjusting the stress hormones. There have been several people who have reported deep balance and regulation of the inner regulation in everyday activities.

However, the distinct medical effects of different types of cannabis concentrates differ from person to person. For instance, while someone may feel relaxed after taking shatter, another person may feel highly stimulated after taking dabs. The medical effect of cannabis concentrates is not a discussion that can be totally concluded as research is still being done on the topic.

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Types of Cannabis Concentrates

  • Resin
  • Live Resin
  • Crumble Wax
  • Tinctures
  • Hash
  • RSO(Rick Simpson Oil)
  • Batter/Budder
  • THC Oil
  • Honeycomb Wax
  • Distillates and Isolates
  • Terp Sauce
  • BHO(Butane Honey Oil)
  • Rosin
  • Sift 

Cannabis Concentrates Vs. Cannabis Flowers

As earlier mentioned, cannabis flowers are not as potent as cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are about four times more potent than cannabis flowers. The regular cannabis flower has a THC content of 30% at most. Some can have a THC level as low as 15%. To get cannabis flowers with a THC level of around 30%, you might have to spend more money as they are not so common to get. Cannabis concentrates, however, have THC levels ranging from 40% to 80%. You can also find some cannabis concentrates containing up to 90% THC levels, this differs from brand to brand.

However, cannabis concentrates don’t come off as easy to take to many people. Smoking a cannabis flower is much easier as you just need to load your bowl. With cannabis concentrates, you have to make more effort. The fact that you have to set up a rig before dabbing would seem too complex to an amateur. Actually, it gets better with practice. If you don’t want to go through the whole learning curve, here is good news – you can buy dab rigs that are electronic. They are much easier to set up than the traditional rig and torch. 

Another difference is that, for many cannabis amateurs, cannabis concentrates give an interesting ‘high’ feeling, while cannabis flowers just ‘scratch the surface’. The cannabis experience from taking cannabis concentrates is definitely not the same as what you get from smoking a joint. Cannabis concentrates go way deeper, so you can expect to feel more relaxed and euphoric.

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Cannabis Concentrates Vs. Cannabis Edibles.

Cannabis edibles and cannabis concentrates are both gotten from cannabis. Apart from that, they are in clear contrast- they are not similar. Majorly, cannabis concentrates are different from cannabis edibles in almost every way. Although the two products are potent, they are indicated in different ways. While the ‘high’ feeling gotten from cannabis concentrates might not last that long, cannabis edibles give effects that last longer. Cannabis concentrates get you high faster while cannabis edibles take a while before making you feel high. This difference majorly stems from the dissimilarity in how they are consumed. Cannabis edibles have to take longer to produce effects because they take a longer trip in the body. They don’t go straight to the bloodstream, they have to enter the digestive system first. 

On the other hand, cannabis concentrates get processed faster as they don’t have to be worked on by the liver. This explains why they get you ‘high’ within a short time. When they are taken sublingually, the effects are even faster as it goes directly to the head. In the same vein, cannabis edibles give effects that last longer, compared to cannabis concentrates.

How To Make Cannabis Concentrates.

Heat, pressure, butane, or alcohol can be used to produce cannabis concentrates. They are made in different ways and that’s why there are different types. Of the different methods used to make cannabis concentrates, none is safe to try alone. The processes are to be undergone by experts alone. Many companies that produce cannabis concentrates do so by killing the plant matter with CO2.  This process and those succeeding it are carried out with specialized and costly machines and other laboratory equipment. Apart from the danger involved, the cost of the needed machines makes it practically impossible for an average person to produce cannabis concentrates alone.

How To Take Cannabis Concentrates.

Basically, you can dab, smoke, or vape your cannabis concentrates. You can also eat it in edibles or add it to a joint. Although it is not the most versatile cannabis product in Canada, it can be taken in a wide range of ways. Smoking and dabbing are the most common methods of taking cannabis concentrates. Many people who really love cannabis concentrates enjoy vaping. This is even much easier when putting some dabs straight into the chamber of the vape pen(not all vape pens allow it). It makes the cannabis concentrate heated enough to vaporize the wax. Dabbing cannabis concentrates may be a bit complex, but it is, by far, preferred by many concentrate connoisseurs. To dab, you should have a torch, dab rig, carb cap, banger(also called nail), and dab tool. 

The steps involved in dabbing concentrates include:

  • First, heat the banger of the dab rig until it’s red hot with the torch. 
  • The next step is to take a dab on the tip of the dab tool after it has cooled down.
  • Then, place the tip of your tool that you’ve dabbed into the banger(or nail) and rotate it. This will remove the whole wax from the dab tool.
  • Take away the tool and put the carb cap on the banger(or nail).
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece of the dab rig and exhale whenever you want.

Taking the steps listed above, you can be sure to have an amazing experience dabbing.

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How Best To Store Cannabis Concentrates.

Due to their organic makeup, light and air are enemies to concentrates. Exposure to either of them makes the concentrates get ‘old’ quicker. concentrates should be stored in an air-tight, dark, and cool container.

Side Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Generally, you should not expect any side effects when you’re cautious of your THC dosage. To ensure this, you should get your concentrates in Canada from companies that are transparent about their products and what they contain, like Nupepshrooms. Also, the fact that cannabis concentrates have a relatively high THC percentage makes it advisable to start humble. The side effects of cannabis concentrates when taken in excess are anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and dizziness.

Why Buy Cannabis Concentrates at NupepShrooms?

We’re the biggest online dispensary for cannabis Concentrates products across Canada. At Nupepshrooms, we offer our valued customers a wide range of cannabis products, from concentrates to cannabis edibles. Also, we deliver discreetly so you have no privacy issues. 


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