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Magic Mushrooms Vs Cannabis For Potential Health Benefits

Magic Mushrooms Vs Cannabis For Potential Health Benefits

The question of the benefits and dangers of natural hallucinogens should not be lifted while the mechanism of action of active substances has not been studied thoroughly. However, over the past ten years, these issues are studying more and more. Regarding weed vs shrooms, research is carried out and collected by the statistics of use and side effects, because scientists are trying to distinguish individual substances to use them in medicine. For this purpose, all negative effects must be drawn out of shrooms vs weed, that is, what causes hallucinations and exactly whether these substances are drugs. But first, it is necessary to understand the benefit of these substances for the human body.

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis?

In its resin contains more than 80 species of active substances called cannabinoids. Despite this, the effect of euphoria in the palace of hemp is caused by a combination of two opposite effects of substances – THC and CBD:

Tetrahydrocannabinol stimulates the state of euphoria, ease, excitation, improves mood, but can stimulate excessive anxiety.

The cannabidiol, on the contrary, has a calming effect, inhibits the body’s work, and removes anxiety. It does not have a psychoactive action on the brain. That is, the difference between medical marijuana and hemp is the ratio of THC and CBD. And in the medical one should prevail the cannabinoid.

Studies argue that drugs with cannabinoids help people with various diseases. Doctors recommend them from nausea, which happens during chemotherapy, from epilepsy, anxiety disorder, depression, with Alzheimer’s disease. By the way, it is the CBD that can be found in beverages or decorative cosmetics.

One of the most useful cannabis benefits is that the use of it in the form of smoking mixtures and cannabis in cooking significantly reduces the number of virus cells in the body. Direct influence has a THC plant. It significantly reduces the damage to the human immune system, which is irrevocably delivering HIV.

Also, according to statistics of Dutch scientists, marijuana lovers are much less often suffer from obesity than others.

Periodic smoking of marijuana reduces the risk of and propagating cancer cells. Also, marijuana reduces the effects of chemotherapy, while absolutely no affecting the result of chemotherapy.

What Are The Cannabis Oil Benefits?

This product has many useful effects, including both the skin treatment and anti-acne effects, and also assistance in serious illnesses, including the restoration of the body after cancer.

Using cannabis seeds, the benefits of marijuana increases ten times. Hemp seed is a concentrate of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Consists of a huge amount of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. This oil helps as well in the fight against diabetes because the low level of insulin in the blood is also a consequence of the regular use of cannabis oil.

What Are The Magic Mushrooms Benefits?

The effect of the shrooms on the human body is discovered less than weed benefits. As for statistics, according to Great Britain researchers, shrooms are considered the most non-hazardous psychoactive substances that are used for recreational purposes. However, there were also some studies where it was established that even one-time consumption of the shrooms can positively change the consciousness and personality of a person, but the study of this phenomenon is continuing.

The influence of shrooms on health will depend on the dose. At high doses, it is very difficult to expect some positive effect, because it can develop in anxiety, attacks of fear, and develop a depressive state. With more moderate doses, the result is positive. As a result of the experiments, people who took a moderate dose of mushrooms during the year, have improved mental status. They became better to deal with relatives and close people, easier to understand their own emotions, more often helped by other people. People say that they have become more compassionate and sympathize with others, fewer people condemn others, they became happier in marriage, began to eat food and alcohol less.

What Is The Difference?

It is clear that the positive influence of mushrooms and cannabis on the human body strongly varies. The component CBD in weed positively affects physical health, and that is why it is so often used both in domestic substances and medicine. The health benefits of magic mushrooms occur more on the psychological level. These are changes in life values ​​and behavior. Of course, one can not forget that both substances should be used very carefully, only in moderate doses, and remember that abuse will not be able to provide any positive effects, but will only lead to negative consequences.

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