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Every week, a ton of psychedelic users take the prescribed dose of their favorite shrooms. Unfortunately though, a large percentage of these users and not utilizing their shrooms to their full capabilities. Having a great shroom trip is not only about the type of magic shrooms you take, or how much of it you’re taking. There are so many factors that contribute to the type of magic shroom trip you experience.

Our inbox is always filled with questions like “where should I take my shrooms to get the best experience?”, or “does what I eat before I trip affect my experience?”. We constantly dish out advice and try to help our customers enjoy their magic mushrooms as much as possible. There are a million and one questions that you could ask about your psychedelic trip, but the simple answer we can give is that nothing is definite. Something could work for someone else, and it just won’t work for you. As we said before, your experience depends on several different factors, both internal and external.

For thousands of years, and through hundreds of different cultures, magic mushrooms have been consumed for many different purposes. Recently, these magic mushrooms have crept slowly but steadily into the mainstream, and it has now been grouped along with several other recreational drugs. The point of this is that magic mushrooms can be used and enjoyed in many different ways. You can use it if you’re looking for a spark of creativity, to calm your senses while meditating, in a quest for spiritual enlightenment, or even purely for recreational purposes. It is quite difficult to determine exactly how your body will react to these magic mushrooms, but there is a set of “golden rules” that will place you in an excellent position to enjoy your trip to the max. We guarantee that this guide will be educational and will equip you with some very helpful pieces of knowledge.

Using This Guide

We don’t expect you to finish this guide all at once, but you should use it as a point of reference whenever you wish to go on a shroom trip or are looking for a piece of information regarding the use of magic mushrooms. It would be impossible for us to create a guide to deal with every single possible scenario, so we have created one that deals directly with the most common cases, as well as the factors that influence a majority of shroom trips. This guide has broken down into several segments, and we advise that you go through each of them to give you a wide range of information about shroom consumption. We hope you enjoy this guide as you embark on your psychedelic adventure.

Be Prepared

Regardless of the kind of shroom trip you want to have, there are some general practices that you should always perform to ensure your safety and enjoyment. These tips will help you maximize the effect of your trip, enabling you to get exactly what you want out of it. Preparation is everything, and these are some of the most important steps you need to take to be well prepared for your magic mushroom trip:

1. Eat: We’re not saying you should munch on a whole buffet before you have a shroom trip, but you should definitely have something in your stomach. The psychoactive components of your magic mushrooms will be absorbed through your stomach’s lining as the natural acids in your body break them down through digestion. It is quite correct to state that the more empty your stomach is while you consume shrooms, the quicker and more intense you will feel its effects. If you just had a large meal before you started consuming the shrooms, your body may fully digest the shrooms without absorbing the psychoactive chemicals. You don’t want to do this because you won’t get to experience the wonderful effects of your psychedelics. And if you think consuming the shrooms on an empty stomach will give you an amazing experience, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your experience will be far more unpleasant than enjoyable, and you’ll probably experience feelings like light-headedness, general malaise, and extreme nausea. This is why we recommend that you take some light and easily digestible food before you consume your magic mushrooms. Don’t overeat, but don’t starve yourself either.

2. Be moderate: This is a tip that will not only help you where magic shrooms are concerned, but could also save you from a lot of stress in life. Keep in mind that magic mushrooms are very powerful and consuming them should not be taken as something trivial. There are thousands of people who have underestimated the potency of magic mushrooms, and they’re suffering the effects now. You do not want to be one of these horror stories, and that is why you need to practice moderation. If you are just beginning to use magic mushrooms, then we advise you to start with a dose between 1-1.5g of a mild shroom. It is possible that the trip would be a bit underwhelming and not as strong as you might like, but that is much better than you having an extremely unpleasant shroom trip. Once you are fully used to the magic mushrooms and knowledgeable about what you like and what works for you, then you can start trying out more intense shrooms and larger doses. As we said before, be moderate and perform this transition slowly and gradually. You might be surprised at how much more powerful a 3g dose is than a 1g dose of magic shrooms. You need to exhibit patience, and pace yourself as you look to try out bigger doses and more intense magic mushrooms.

3. Make sure you have time: Before you start tripping on the magic mushrooms you want to ensure you have more than enough time to feel the effects and deal with them. Magic mushrooms generally take between 3-8 hours to run their course, so you must have set time aside for the experience.

4. It’s okay to be nauseous: The feeling of nausea has become almost synonymous with the consumption of magic mushrooms. It is an uncomfortable effect of shrooms that even the most experienced psychonauts still feel. It can be a very unpleasant experience, and it could even put you off taking shrooms forever. But what we want you to know is that the sensation of nausea is very normal and it is just a small part of the entire magic shroom experience. The psychoactive components of magic mushrooms will be recognized by your body as foreign materials, so your body will work against these compounds as if they are harmful to your well-being. When your body’s immune-defense mechanisms kick in, then you will begin to feel nauseous. This will be much worse if you took your magic shrooms on an empty stomach or took a dose that you were not prepared for. If you take a moderate dose and consume your shrooms after having a good meal, then your experience will be much more pleasant and the nausea would be mild. While you’re going through that feeling of nausea, you should just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and try to relax. Suppress the urge to vomit and try your best to stay calm and push through that feeling. Nausea will fade away gradually and you will be able to enjoy the fully pleasant parts of your magic mushroom trip.

5. Do not mix shrooms with other substances: It would not be a good decision for you to mix your psychedelic mushrooms with any other intoxicating substance like weed or alcohol.

6. The Buddy System: This might just be the most important out of all the tips being listed here. With a substance as powerful as magic mushrooms, something can go wrong. So, regardless of how much you’re taking, what type of shroom it is, where you are, or how experienced you are, you must always have someone you know and trust aware about your magic shroom trip. We recommend that the person should be knowledgeable about magic mushrooms and other psychedelic compounds. The person could be just hanging out with you, tripping out, or even in another location. The most important thing is that they know where you are and will be on hand to help you in case anything goes wrong.

What To Do If A Trip Goes Wrong

You have probably heard several stories about people who took some magic mushrooms and ended up having a “bad trip”. Psychedelics are very powerful substances, and they often act as portals into deeper and more dynamic parts of our subconscious. We don’t want to get too scientific, but to fully understand the effect of these shrooms you need to have a bit of knowledge about what they’re made of and exactly what they do in your body. Psilocybin is the primary psychoactive component in magic mushrooms and clinical research has shown that when it has been broken down into psilocin, the compound is chemically similar to serotonin. In case you don’t know what serotonin is, it is a neurotransmitter that is linked with your overall level of happiness.

Basically, magic mushrooms can control your mood. Although their control is usually positive, with feelings of euphoria, love, and energy transmitted through the body after taking the shrooms, their effect can also be pretty negative. Things like mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety have been related to magic mushrooms. A shroom trip is very much like a long rollercoaster, there are several high points, but there are also low points. Our job now is to make sure that you have way more high points than low points, and you can do this by following these tips:

1. Follow this guide: The first piece of advice we can give you is to follow all the tips and tricks we give in this guide. The saying goes that proper preparation prevents poor performance, so if you want your shrooms to work effectively, you should follow the tips we list in this guide.

2. Be in a happy place: One of the most important factors that contribute to how your shroom trip goes is the environment you are in. It is best to take your magic mushrooms in a room filled with good vibes, good music, and friends around you. If you will be taking your shrooms alone or while you go on a hike, you can create a certain path to follow that will have the same effect as a “happy place”. You could plug in and play some upbeat music or walk where nature seems most beautiful. This advice might not seem very helpful now, but when you’re out there on the trip, you’ll be grateful for this knowledge.

3. Be relaxed: Sometimes the shroom trip can be overwhelming, and what you need to do is close your eyes and relax. Anxiety is one effect that usually occurs when a trip goes wrong, and you need to combat this with relaxation techniques like meditating and deep breathing. Once you find that you feel agitated, you should look for a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and focus your mind on breathing slowly.

4. Trips don’t last forever: A good number of beginners and even experienced psychonauts have spoken about being fearful that their shroom trip would go on forever. It might sound a bit funny, but when the paranoia kicks in, anything seems possible to the human mind. In this situation, you need to constantly remind yourself that the shroom trip will not last forever, and before long you would be back on Earth. Your aim should be to enjoy the trip while it lasts, instead of surviving through it and hoping it ends quickly. You will come back to normal once the psychoactive compounds have run their course through your body. Remember this, and try to remain calm through any form of anxiety you might face. You are not the first person to ever have magic mushrooms, and your trip will not last forever!

Your First Shroom Trip

So, you want to try out some psychedelics for the first time. Firstly, we would like to welcome you to the shroom family and guarantee that you have some amazing experiences ahead of you. Now, there are some important things you need to know before you attempt to go on your first magic mushroom trip:

1. Read, digest, and understand the tips and tricks listed above regarding planning for the trip and what to do in certain situations.

2. Start with a small dose like 1-1.5grams. There is no need for you to rush into a wild magic mushroom trip; what you want to do is start small and grow gradually. Remember you should have a mild and underwhelming experience than to have an extremely unpleasant one.

3. We recommend that you have your first trip in the presence of trusted psychonauts. Introducing something that is both powerful and foreign into your body could very well lead to some problems, and you definitely want to have people around to help you out in such a situation.

4. Be calm: You can never know exactly where your shrooms will take you, but try your best to remain calm through it all. Keep your mind and body relaxed throughout the whole trip, and it would be much more enjoyable.

5. The most important rule of consuming magic shrooms is to have fun and enjoy the ride. There is so much beauty that you can’t see around you with your eyes normally; taking magic mushrooms will reveal these things to you. Strap yourself in and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Taking A Hike

The first person who ever took a hike while high on magic mushrooms must have been amazed at how beautiful everything looked, and how much better everything felt. One of the things that most psychonauts say is that magic mushrooms increase their appreciation for nature’s beauty. Because of the effects of these psychedelics, they begin to see beauty in things that they had never even noticed before. Having visual hallucinations is just one of the many wonderful effects that can be enjoyed during a shroom trip. And the most amazing part is that you retain most of the new information you get during your shroom trip. Nature has always been extremely beautiful, the shrooms just helped you see it fully. Some tips you can use to enhance your shroom + hiking experience are:

1. Plan for a hike over a pretty long distance, and ensure your path has several stops where you can wait and relax. An average high lasts between 3-8 hours long, so you want to be hiking through a considerable fraction of that time (preferably during the peak). Try to explore as much land as possible.

2. Don’t hike alone. Hiking without shrooms can be boring if you do it alone, so you should do it with friends. Remember to utilize the buddy system to ensure your safety as well.

3. It is very important that you stay safe, so do not hike through any areas that could potentially be dangerous.

4. Take your time out and thoroughly enjoy the wonders of nature. Your aim is to see the world for its true beauty, and rushing through your hike won’t give you the opportunity to do that. Take it slow, stop occasionally, and just take in all the beauty!

5. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE ON SHROOMS! If you will be driving to the point where you start your hike, then it is best that you take the shrooms when you get there, and not before you start driving. Also, ensure that the effects of the shrooms have run their course before you drive again.

6. It is best that you hike through an area that does not have much of a crowd. Also, actively avoid paths with children on them because having to interact with people (especially children) while on shrooms could be pretty dreadful.


Enjoying Shrooms With Friends

Taking magic mushrooms with a group of friends can be the most thrilling experience ever. Your trip might be as calm and relaxing as having a full spa day, or you could have a deep spiritual breakthrough. Whichever way the trip goes, experiencing it along with friends is always enjoyable. It could also be a great bonding experience because it will result in higher levels of openness and trust between you all, directly strengthening your friendship Here are some tips you can use to make your shroom trip with friends even better:

1. You should have your shrooms with close friends. The closer you are to them, the better your experience will be. Opening up and revealing your vulnerabilities to strangers or people you’re not close to might not be the smartest thing for you to do.

2. If someone in the group of friends won’t be indulging in the magic shrooms, ensure that they know exactly what is about to go down.

3. Have your magic mushroom trip in a safe place. Make sure that you feel comfortable and you can be fully open there.

4. Give everyone the space they want. Taking magic mushrooms could alter the state of consciousness and mood of people drastically, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your friends want to be left alone for a while. Just make sure you are there for them if they need you!

5. As we just said above, you need to be there for your friends if and when they need you. Every shroom trip has its highs and lows, so if any of your friends seem like they’re having a bad time, the rest of you should come together and help them out. They might just need a bit of cheering up to get back on the right track.

6. We already listed this in the general tips for taking magic shrooms but we feel it needs to be repeated. DO NOT MIX YOUR SHROOMS WITH OTHER SUBSTANCES! Magic shrooms are very powerful and they pack a heavy punch without the addition of any other substances.

Taking Magic Shrooms By Yourself

Taking magic mushrooms all alone could be a very powerful tool for you to perform some soul-searching. Not only can it be a transformative experience for you, but it could open your mind up to think in new, dynamic ways. There have been a ton of studies revealing how powerful these magic shrooms could potentially be in treating mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD, depression, and so on. Mushroom trips could be pretty difficult to navigate through all alone, so we do not recommend beginners to partake in this. But when you get experienced enough, you can definitely embark on a solo trip. A little secret: The shroom trips you take alone are the most eye-opening and mind-blowing experiences you can have. These are some tips for the shroom tips you take alone:

1. Trip with a purpose: Usually, when people take magic mushrooms alone, they do it with a specific reason in mind. It would be very helpful for you to set an exact intention for your shroom trip, which is basically what you want to get out of it. Maybe you want some insight into how you should deal with some specific people, or you need serious spiritual insight. Go into the trip with a purpose in your mind and work with that idea.

2. Stay calm: At several points during your trip, you might find yourself feeling quite overwhelmed with all the information being processed. It is natural to feel a bit anxious, but you need to make sure you stay in a comfortable environment. Calm yourself down, control the trip, and don’t let the trip control you.

3. Buddy system: You will be taking the shroom trip alone, but that does not mean someone should not know your location or what exactly you’re doing. Inform someone you trust about the trip and where you would be taking it. You can even ask them to regularly check in on you just to guarantee that you stay safe.

4. Meditate: Meditation is a great way to maintain a relaxed mind when you’re on a shroom trip. You can steadily control and calm your mind and body through any type of meditation technique. You can use a meditation app or follow a video guide, try it out, and thank us later!

5. Make playlists: This is just another step in making the environment as relaxing as possible. Make a soothing playlist that you’ll listen to during your shroom trip. It is a great way to calm your mind down and maintain focus on the purpose of your trip.

Using Magic Mushrooms For Therapy

There are so many pieces of research now that talk about the potential for magic mushrooms to be used in therapy. These studies are very promising and it looks like in a few years we could be treating some of the worst psychological disorders with psychedelics. If what you seek when you take magic shrooms is therapy, then you should consult a certified therapist first. There are many therapists now who incorporate psychedelics with their treatment, and you should speak to one before you start using shrooms to treat clinical issues.


So, we hope you have enjoyed our guide on how to have a perfect magic mushroom trip. There are many parts of this guide that you should constantly check and ensure you do not forget. And of course, to have a magic shroom trip, you need quality magic mushrooms. Where else can you find top-quality magic mushrooms other than Head over to their website, fill your cart up with a ton of amazing mushrooms, and you could even get a 20% discount on your order. We hope you have a fantastic time with your Nupep shrooms!


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