Great ways to enjoy using magic truffles and magic mushrooms


Either you are taking magic mushrooms for fun or spiritual reasons, ingesting shrooms raw can be an awful experience predominantly because of the bad taste and the fact that it may induce nausea in some users. High doses of Psilocybin are harder to enjoy though they yield higher realms of perception. Lower doses make for a low key pleasant experience. When you buy shrooms in Canada for the first time, we recommend that you target a low dose. We offer five exciting processed products that will help you to enjoy your trip on magic truffles and shrooms.

Direct chewing and swallowing

The recognized manner of taking shrooms is by eating them. Ensure that you grind them thoroughly so that all its latent juices come out and the Psilocybin is released into your saliva before mixing with the blood. The trip may take up to 45 minutes or an hour for the trip to kick in. For the effects of the shrooms to start working far enough, you should eat only a small portion of food or if possible, avoid food for a few hours before taking shrooms. The only red flag to this method is the sour taste of the shrooms. To evade this, make use of a truffle grinder to mash it into a paste for easy consumption.

Make Shrooms tea

The bitter taste that comes with chewing shrooms can throw anybody off consuming them. A better option lies in making shrooms tea. It reduces the bitter taste immensely. All you have to do is boil some water and grind the shrooms into smaller pieces and let them simmer in the heated water. If the water is excessively hot, it deactivates the Psilocybin in the shrooms. What you will have is shrooms tea with little psychedelic value. After this, let it cool down for a few minutes before drinking it. You can procure varieties of shroom tea e.g. Moroccan mint tea, Psilocybin black tea at Nupep online shroom dispensary.

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Try shrooms capsules

This product comes in the form of pills containing measured quantities (microdose) of shrooms and truffles. As thrilling as it is to want to get lost in an intense psychedelic trip, microdosing on shrooms capsules can provide positive effects without you losing track of time. It boosts concentration and enhances creativity. You can make your shroom capsules in the comfort of your home. Get a couple of shrooms capsules, a working capsule machine, and a grinder (to reduce the shrooms or truffles to powder). Then, you are good to go. To have a go at ready-made shroom capsules, visit Nupep shrooms to buy microdose products such as the anxiety/stress blend microdose capsules among others.

Shroom edibles

These are shroom products that can be mixed in as food ingredients. This is believed to help us deal with the bitter and nauseating taste of shrooms. The key to benefiting from this depends on the stage of cooking. Adding the edibles to the food from the scratch exposes it to intense heat thereby limiting its psychoactive value. You can simply add them later as toppings or in sauces for better enjoyment. The more the shrooms you use, the more you’ll enjoy the trip. Some of these shroom edibles are available on our website such as 920 blue raspberry gummy (1000 mg), 920  milk chocolate cube (1000 mg), etc.

Use Lime juice

The secret of lime juice is not rooted in whether it improves the taste of the shrooms and truffles. No, it goes deeper than that. Mushrooms mixed in with lime juice gives you a major joy ride on your trip. Thinking of a wonder full trip to cloud 9 on shrooms, you should try it with lime juice. The citric acid contained in lime causes the swift breakdown of magic shrooms and the effect kicks in much faster. The shrooms should be grounded to powder form and subtly mixed with a cup of lime juice, add a little water, and stir. Drink and wait for the fast reaction of your body to the mixture.


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