The intrinsic relationship between music and psychedelics is undeniable. When under the influence of psychedelics, music triggers unique sensations in the brain that merge with sight and touch, intensifying emotions and opening up deep feelings. It can direct, alter, or drive a trip, taking it to new places or providing a grounding, soothing feeling, especially when familiar music is played. This relationship is clinically proven, with many researchers dedicating their work to studying the close link between music and psychedelic experiences.

The Relationship between Music and Psychedelics

Studies have shown that people respond more emotionally to music under psychedelics, and brain imaging has revealed that the brain processes visuals differently while patients listen to music compared to when they are in silence. Music also engages various brain regions, including memory, emotion, attention, and self-directed thought, with LSD increasing the degree to which these brain areas process music using a mechanism shared across all psychedelic drugs.

Choosing the Right Music for Your Trip

Choosing the right music for your trip is just as important as the trip itself, and different substances produce different desires and results. A psilocybin trip can be split into several phases, with familiar and comforting music picked for the initial stages and exploration of new music once the visuals start to form. Music can also reveal new meanings and tell us new things about our relationship with it.

The Relationship Between Psychedelics, Music, and Popular Culture

Psychedelics not only make music sound better but also change the way we hear it. It allows us to hear new feelings and sounds within the music and pick up on colors and atmospheres. Selecting music that drives your mood can tailor your experience and take it to new places. The relationship between psychedelics and music is discussed in the context of popular culture as it’s hard to imagine one without the other.


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