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Meditation being an ancient act, is simply the practice of relaxing, stabilizing, and calming the mind making mentally and emotionally fit. Similarly, psychedelics also increases one’s mental awareness. The combination of both has often been proven to be very helpful and is starting to be an emerging area of interest for researchers.

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Being related to various religious practices, the art of meditation dates far back as a thousand years ago and often overlaps with the concept of psychedelics. It focuses the mind at a particular object amidst other activities aimed at reaching a state of tranquility. 

Psychedelics substance and chemicals like Psilocybin and DMT and known to increase and expand one’s level of consciousness. Meditation and psychedelics avail the opportunity of keying to your thoughts, connecting it with the universe, and coming to terms with the nature of reality.

While the combination of meditation and psychedelics has been proven helpful, it is, however, advisable that to first have gotten hold of the art of meditation through constant and regular practice by having a regimented and disciplined amount of time allotted each day to focus on ambient sounds, practice a breathing pattern, sitting posture and engaging in other physical activities in calming your mind.


The Transcendental form of Meditation which involves a stable sitting posture of 20 minutes twice daily while concentrating on a repeated silent, secret Sanskrit mantra is widely recognized in the west primarily due to how Maharishi Mahesh Yoga taught it to ‘The Beatles’ and some other notable and popular musicians.

The David Lynch foundation founded by David Lynch aims towards promoting the use of Transcendental Meditation in resolving the dispute and mental fitness and engaging in different studies and research of other health benefits of this form of meditation.  

This technique is historically related to Hinduism, can however be practiced as a secular form of

nupep-shrooms-can-psychedelics-meditatingmental fitness. Transcendental Technique increases the productivity and effectiveness of the brain and its effect can be likened to computer hardware that won’t function well after overheating but can be rebooted to increase its working efficiency. Availing one the opportunity to observe thoughts and regain connection with the physical world, it suppresses high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and other health-related issues.


Psychedelics substance has a long line of history with various religious traditions and cultures. In many indigenous and local communities of the Amazon, the combination of DMT and an MAO-inhibiting root known as Ayahuasca has often been used ceremoniously to confront demons lasting for hours before it finally wears off. Though it sometimes leads to heavy vomiting and temporary ego death, it has been affirmed to be a life-changing experience and works better than years of therapy


A whole lot of health advantages regarding Psychedelic substances like DMT and Psilocybin are


being unveiled by researchers.

Micheal Pollan, in his book “How to Change your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches us about consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence”, examines the different methods Psychedelics can be applied medically in reaching the mind’s full potential to overcoming emotional issues including how the intake of mushrooms can be beneficial due to its great cathartic value, with the supervision of a therapist. 

Professor and Fredrick Barrett of John Hopkins University and his team of neuroscientists in their 2016 study in Lancet Psychiatry discovered that 42% of patients are quick to overcome depression after 3 months of guided use of Psilocybin. They also called for “further trials, with more rigorous designs” to medically confirm the use of magical mushrooms.Nupep Shrooms, an online Shroom dispensary is Canada’s best to purchase Magic mushrooms, edibles, microdoses, and teas. 


The medical effectiveness of meditation and Psychedelics has been scientifically indicated and proven. While different religions in their search for the unknown has incorporated meditation and Psychedelics. Religion seeking to make the world emotionally fit has inculcated its application because it both involves an alteration of the mind towards greater understanding.

Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary; leading pioneers of Psychedelics asserts that religion could be the cause of the social stigmatization of psychedelics because it can so much liberate the mind by expanding human consciousness with so much knowledge.

A lot still needs to be discovered about the effect of psychedelics on the brain. Meditation involves attuning physical sensations such as the feeling of clothes on our skin, the weight of the body on the ground, etc., while Psychedelics heightens physical sensations aiming towards attaining a meditative state. Psychedelics and Meditation can stimulate the mind in a way that distracts the mind. So the standard procedure of cautiously working your way from a small dose is advisable in enhancing the benefits. 


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